Admission procedure

• ISU issues official invitations for foreigners to get visa to enroll in degree course. It is free!

• It takes 40-60 days to issue official invitation in an electronic form after providing all required documents.

• Entrance tests for all degree programs are expected to be held from 24 to 28 August.
Required documents
1) Fill in the Application form

2) Send us a copy of passport or other ID issued by the country of citizenship

3) Copy of the original documents of education and their notarized translation into Russian (Certificate of Secondary (full) General Education/ Diploma of Primary Vocational Education/ Diploma of Secondary Vocational Education)

4*)Confirmation of Russian language proficiency (within the level of
TRKI-1 for admission to the 1st year)

Applicant's Calendar
Application deadlines for bachelor's and specialist's degree programs:

August 18

Application deadlines for master's degree programs:

August 29

Application deadlines for post graduate programs:

September 29

Deadlines for applying to

the Preparatory faculty:

August 21

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